Billing, Insurance & Financial Assistance

For general billing questions: Call the toll free numbers listed below. The staff can assist you in providing your account balance, set up payment plans, and answer general billing questions.

Hospital contact:             866-492-4703

Clinic contact:                    877-597-5430


Patient Price Transparency     

Bates County Memorial Hospital is dedicated to providing patients with an accurate pricing estimate for our services, including both Hospital  and BCMH Providers.  Our billing representatives are here to help you.  When applicable,  your estimated insurance allowed amount  and  out of pocket expenses will also be provided.  To request a price estimate, please contact our Patient Benefit Advisors at 660-200-2370.

Our Billing & Insurance Department is here to help you understand your healthcare costs.  We can arrange for Financial Planning Assistance, if you qualify.  Feel free to contact us with your questions. 660-200-2002.

You can now pay your Hospital and Family Care Clinic bill online.

Bates County Memorial Hospital offers secure online credit card processing through our partner – Instamed. Take the link below to start your account and enjoy the convenience of online payment processing.

Online Bill Pay

Bates County Memorial Hospital has several highly qualified on-site employees that can also assist in billing questions by meeting with you one-on-one. These employees include:

Jamie Roberts, Financial Counselor, 660-200-7314, certified Application Counselor for the Insurance Exchange (available by appointment), assist with Medicaid and Disability applications, and processes all BCMH Financial Assistance Applications.

Aerial Myrtle, Financial Specialist, 660-200-7030, specializes in Medicare, Medicaid and Insurance Billing and denials.

Paige Adams, Financial Representative, 660-200-7311, Receives payments, assist in payment plans and Billing resolutions.

Natalie Thomas, Financial Representative, 660-200-7064, Billing resolutions and payment plans.

Whitney Gilmore, Patient Access Manager, 660-200-7069, Resolution of Insurance and Patient demographic, and billing resolutions.

Margaret Gregg, Director of Revenue Cycle, 660-200-7108, Billing Resolution.