Patients & Visitors

patient guideFor over 50 years, BCMH has been striving to provide quality patient care close to home. For our patients & visitors, in an effort to ensure your hospital or clinic experience is as pleasant as possible, the information below, and at the Left, is being offered to assist our patients & visitors in understanding the services and resources available.


Meals and Snacks

Dining Room
The hospital dining room is located at the front of the hospital on the west end of the building.  It is open for  lunch, and dinner  on a cash basis only.
A Breakfast cart is available with fruit, cereals, and cereal bars during the mornings.  Vending machines are also available for beverages, sandwiches, and candy.
Lunch: 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Dinner: 5:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.


Visiting Hours & Guidelines

Visiting Hours are based upon the patient’s condition and the nurse’s discretion.  Please check at the Nurse’s desk before visiting.  Visitors may be asked to leave the patient room during treatments.Medical Surgical Unit
2nd Floor
Phone: 660-200-7090

Critical Care Unit
2nd Floor
Phone: 660-200-7094

Visitor Guidelines

Please confirm the patient room number at the Information Desk located in the main lobby before going to inpatient areas.

  • Please check with the nursing station before entering a patient room
  • Please do not leave children unattended at any time.
  • Please do not smoke in the facility, or on the grounds.
  • Please comply if asked to leave the room while a patient receives care.
  • Please check with the nurse before bringing a patient anything to eat or drink. Do not give patients sweets, alcohol, cigarettes, or medicine.
  • Please do not eat the patient’s meals because the staff must record how much the patient is eating.
  • Please do not visit the patient if you have a cold or any other contagious condition.
  • A family member is asked to stay with all pediatric patients under the age of 12.  A lounge chair and a dietary tray will be provided.


Wi-Fi Connection

wi-fiBCMH offers free Wi-Fi connection for patients in our Med-Surg, ICU and Same Day Surgery areas. Wi-Fi is also available for their visitors. Ask a Nurse or Outpatient / Same Day Admission Staff to assist you in connecting.

For our patients undergoing chemotherapy Wi-Fi is available. Ask your Outpatient specialty Clinic Nurse to assist you.