Electronic Medical Record EMR

What is an EMR?

An electronic medical record, EMR, is an electronic record of your healthcare. It may contain your allergies, medications, history of illnesses and information related to each visit to our Family Care Clinic or Hospital Services.

BCMH utilizes computer devices throughout the Hospital, and Clinics, to provide our staff access to your health record.  Staff enters information during your visit which can then be accessed by authorized staff who are involved with your treatment.

If you have Lab Tests or Imaging / Radiology services performed at BCMH, and see one of the providers at our Family Care Clinics or our Outpatient Specialty Clinics, that provider can view the results of your tests within the Electronic Medical Record.  This improves care by providing instant access to vital information.

BCMH takes the privacy and security of your health information seriously.  We comply with HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules.