Board of Directors

Keeping health care local and serving the people of Bates County is the primary goal for the Board of Directors for Bates County Memorial Hospital (BCMH). Established in 1960, BCMH is a 60-bed community hospital governed by five local community members who are elected to their positions by the citizens of Bates County. Each board member serves a five-year term and can be re-elected for additional terms. Board members currently serving include:


board Linda Jennings

Linda Jennings

After working more than 25 years as a medical/surgical nurse, I retired from BCMH in 2011. Shortly after that, I was appointed to fill a vacancy on the board, then ran for the position in 2014. As a former employee, I believe I bring a unique perspective to the board. The decisions we make affect everyone – residents, employees and physicians. BCMH is a vital part of our community because we provide services to our residents so they don’t need to travel to the city for their care or tests. That keeps revenues local and helps the hospital continue to serve as one of the largest employers in the area.   

board Jerry Jones

Jerry Jones

Having worked in health care my entire career, I thought I could bring knowledge to the table. Instead, I discovered I was just starting my education. While it is a challenge to keep health care local today, it has been my honor to work alongside past and present board members who share the dedication and desire to bring BCMH to where it is today. We have high-quality doctors, employees and medical services that are unmatched by many larger communities. BCMH is part of what makes Bates County such a great  place to live!

board Rick King

Rick King

I am a life-long resident of Butler and joined the board to serve the people of Bates County. I want to keep health care local, independent, professional, as affordable as possible, and to maintain a great employer in Bates County. Though it is a challenge to comply with government regulations and the impact those regulations have on our income, access to quality health care is important for the health of our residents and the growth of the area. The hospital provides added services through support groups and education.

board Jim Shade

Jim Shade

I felt serving on the board of BCMH was an opportunity to help ensure that the residents of Bates County will have a hospital that provides quality health care, now and in the future. During my tenure, it’s been rewarding to see the hospital make a renewed commitment to the Adrian Clinic. The community has been very appreciative. Beyond that, the hospital is one of the area’s largest employers, and its economic impact is significant. All this and more makes BCMH a cornerstone to the residents of Bates County.

 Board of Directors

Michael P. Taranto

As local resident, when my wife & I utilized the health care services provided at BCMH, we quickly realized what a tremendous facility we all have with BCMH.  When an opportunity came to contribute my business experiences and involvement with local community focused organizations to the BCMH Board I decided to ask the community to consider me for the open Board position. My 40+ years of management experience has consistently focused on strategic planning, quality assurance and customer satisfaction. Thank you to all who helped me have the opportunity to participate in strengthening our valued  heath care facility.

Board members recognize and accept that when they are elected by the people of Bates County, they become legally accountable to the community for the oversight of the quality and safety of patient care, the hospital finances, the assessment of hospital services and the credentialing of the medical staff.

The board’s role is to focus on long-term goals, strategic decisions, financial oversight, legal issues, corporate compliance and oversight of the chief executive officer’s performance. They delegate the responsibilities for the hospital’s day-to-day operations and decision making to the chief executive officer and the hospital’s management team.

In addition to monthly meetings, board members serve on committees that usually meet at other times. Members also are expected to attend educational programs that provide them guidance on governance responsibilities and keep them up to date on issues facing hospitals throughout the country.

Members become aware of the continually changing requirements from regulatory agencies and the impact they have on our local hospital. The issues before board members are extremely complex.  Board members must act in the best interest of both the hospital and the community.